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A new studio at the Sydney University Architecture Faculty provides non-teaching workspace for undergraduate students across different years and degree programs. Large fixed benches are distributed across the existing space and designed as a series of identifiable figures – a Drum, Cross, Bar, U, and a Box. The benches are colour coded, connected with power and data, and designed to support a range of activities including independent study, collaboration, model making, access to computer terminals, as well as a range of social events such as BBQs and exhibitions.

The interiors of the Drum and the Box have been designed as a quiet study space, photographic studio and pin-up area for the review of drawings. A fixed shelving element extends the length of the space and provides permanent storage for student models. The benches were designed to be built on site by carpenters with robust structures and plywood work surfaces laminated with self-healing material for model making. Loose furniture can be arranged between the fixed elements to support different study modes throughout the academic year. The existing lighting tracks were retained and and the existing services restored to their original colour scheme.

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