University of Sydney Teaching Studio

USYD L1-Teaching Field of Elements

The University of Sydney Architecture Faculty invited Bennett and Trimble to design a new dedicated teaching studio for graduate and undergraduate students from all degree programs. A series of under-utilised store rooms, workshops and smaller studio spaces were consolidated to form a large open plan space to accommodate a range of programs including studio classes, reviews, lectures and exhibitions. A series of elements – a mobile screen, folding table and chair – can be quickly deployed and configured to support each program. Our strategy offered a budget conscious solution that retained and re-used many of the existing elements in the space including the lighting grid, workshop facilities, floor coverings and the services which were restored to their original colour scheme.

PrintReview, Teaching, Lecture and Exhibition modes


USYD L1-Level 1 Teaching Collage

USYD L1-Level 1 Crit Collage

USYD L1-Level 1 Exhibition Collage

USYD L1-Level 1 Lecture Collage

Completed 2016