Paddington Terrace

A major internal renovation to the ground floor of a terrace house in the heritage conservation area of Paddington. The internal area of the ground floor is expanded and rationalised with the introduction of a glazed roof over the existing courtyard. A continuous timber joinery element forms a multipurpose storage element to the living, dining and kitchen areas and a screening device to the entry hall. A new polished concrete slab reflects light from the new glazed void to increase interior lighting levels and forms a platform within the terrace on which the new elements are arranged.

Windsor Street Paddington 0074

Windsor Street Paddington 0098

Windsor Street Paddington 0179

Windsor Street Paddington 0171

Windsor Street Paddington 0200

Windsor Street Paddington 0245

Photography: Peter Bennetts

Architecture Australia – Paddington Terrace
Domain – Sydney Morning Herald