Newcastle CBD Redevelopment

As part of SJB’s masterplan for the redevelopment of the Newcastle CBD, Bennett and Trimble were invited to investigate opportunities for the Wolfe Street entertainment precinct. Our strategy completes the urban block and creates a series of interstitial spaces by inserting a new building that sits between and spans over the existing heritage buildings. These interstitial spaces create open public areas at multiple levels within the block including a new covered square to Wolfe Street, a balcony over Hunter Street with views to harbour, and a new rooftop terrace that forms a visual connection to the cathedral and park to the south. The existing buildings were programmed with retail, hospitality and a performing arts centre while the new block is planned as a cinema complex with an outdoor rooftop cinema. A bridge links the precinct to the planned retail and market halls and a series of escalators provide circulation between the various public spaces. An express escalator links the covered square to the rooftop terrace and outdoor cinema.

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Newcastle-Axos _ 2. Ground

Newcastle-Axos _ 2. Ground