Gladesville Quarry Development

A new mixed use development is sited within a former quarry in suburban Sydney. The circular form negotiates the excavated topography of the site and creates two distinct landscape conditions – the central planted courtyard, and the quarry edge which is re-made as a sub-tropical escarpment. The building form and landscape provides increased amenity for the 280 apartments by maximising views, privacy, access to sunlight and cross ventilation. A 6,000 sqm podium is embedded within the existing excavation and contains a supermarket, boutique retail, childcare facilities and professional suites.


121010-Tennyson-ring _ 3. Retai

gladesville-Retail Forecourt




131218-Tennyson-ring diagrams 02

gladesville-Quarry Balcony

gladesville-Apartment Interior

gladesville-Quarry Green_2

131202-Tennyson -ring _ 9. 4th